I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those supporters, family and friends who helped bring home this victory without a runoff in November.

First, I want to thank Geraldine, who proved herself to be an amazing campaign manager in what was the very first political campaign she has managed. Geraldine was able to get us over 180,000 votes… which we are told is the highest number of raw votes that any individual candidate has ever received in the history of Riverside County!  

I would also like to thank those public officials who endorsed me. In particular, I was so honored to have been supported by 22 of my future judicial colleagues, Public Defender Steve Harmon, as well as the Murrieta, Corona, Palm Springs, and Hemet Police Officers’ Associations. Thank you for your trust.

My hat is off to many who had the moral courage to stand up against those who tried to make a nonpartisan judicial race into a political contest. As former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor cautions us, “judicial elections are becoming political prizefights where partisans and special interests seek to install judges who will answer to them instead of the law and the Constitution.”

Finally, I am absolutely humbled by the chance to commence my judicial career and serve our county as a superior court judge and look forward to serving the people of Riverside County.

Thank you all.   

Burke E. Strunsky